txela – Mrs. Hyde

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txela – Angela Mintegi – Lemoiz, Spain


If I Had To Describe Myself

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Sampled Edward Snowden, some other people, crushed everything up with some sounds.

Some music by the beach

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Uge Zabala, Angel Suso Elrasta, Iker Zuzuaga and Tano, on the promenade of the Beach of Las Arenas, 11th of May 2015

txela – Native

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Angela Mintegi

Inserción sonidos analógicos.

Liar Now

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Liar Now track 5 from Big Time Losers collection. Another song about love gone wrong.

Get the album here:
Big Time Losers

Salamander Jim [GrungeTeeVee]

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Where Tex Perkins started ! and meant something…

Heavy Master – final mix

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BADguyThis is the final edit of a piece that I created using the Zoom R16 a Gibson Les Paul and linux Audacity.